About Us

Welcome to the heart of exceptional meat craftsmanship – your trusted online butcher shop in San Gwann, Malta. We are a proud family-run business, rooted in tradition and dedicated to providing you with the finest quality meats since our establishment in 1996.

Our Founder: Mario Formosa

In the quaint town of San Gwann, our story began with the vision and passion of our founder, Mario Formosa. In 1996, he set out on a mission to bring the best of meat produce to the community, establishing a legacy that would continue for generations.

A Tradition of Excellence

For over two decades, our butcher shop has been synonymous with excellence. Mario Formosa's commitment to sourcing the highest quality meats, combined with meticulous processing, laid the foundation for a business built on trust, integrity, and unparalleled taste.

Passing the Torch to Liam Formosa

As we embrace the digital age, the reins of this esteemed family business have been passed on to the capable hands of Mario's son, Liam Formosa. Continuously fueled by the values instilled by his father, Liam is committed to upholding the legacy of uncompromised quality while introducing modern conveniences to enhance your shopping experience.

Online Butcher Shop Experience

At our online butcher shop, we bring the tradition of San Gwann's finest meats to your doorstep. Our user-friendly website allows you to explore a diverse range of cuts, from premium selections to everyday favorites, all at your fingertips.

Quality at Your Convenience

We understand the importance of convenience without compromising on quality. With just a few clicks, you can order the freshest cuts of meat, sourced from local farmers and processed with the same dedication that has defined our family business for years.

Contactless Delivery

Especially in today's fast-paced world, we prioritize your safety and convenience. Our contactless delivery ensures that you receive your order with ease, allowing you to savor the excellence of our meats from the comfort of your home.

Our Commitment

Ethical Sourcing

Our commitment to ethical sourcing remains unwavering. We prioritize partnerships with local farmers who share our values, ensuring that every cut you receive is a testament to humane practices and sustainable agriculture.

Transparency and Traceability

We believe in transparency. With our traceability standards, you can trace the journey of your meat from the farm to your table, ensuring that you know exactly where your food comes from and the care that goes into every step of the process.

Join Us on a Culinary Journey

As we continue to evolve and adapt to the needs of the modern era, one thing remains constant – our dedication to providing you with the best meat produce in San Gwann. Join us on a culinary journey that celebrates tradition, embraces innovation, and delivers an unparalleled experience to your table.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Your trust fuels our passion, and we look forward to serving you for generations to come.