Easter Lunch Order Guide

You want to cook something special for your Easter Sunday Lunch but need some ideas? Well we're here to help! Here are some products you can order from us that will surely leave your guests delighted!

New Zealand Lamb 

Of course we had to start with the obvious one! Lamb is the traditional dish that is prepared on Easter. Pair it up with some mint sauce, and it's sure to be a hit. What we recommend for you to prepare, if you're going for lamb, is either a whole Lamb Leg, or Lamb Shanks. Both are equality delicious and they don't need a lot of preparation to cook.

All you need to do is salt, pepper, olive oil and a sprig of rosemary if you fancy it. Add some liquid in the dish so that it turns into a lovely gravy in the end. Cover everything with foil and slow roast it. 

The positive thing about a Lamb Leg is that its a whole joint that is beautiful to present and the positive of Lamb Shanks is that its easy to plate. For an average eater, normally 1 shank is enough, but if the guest is a heavy eater, then 2 shanks should be good. 

To finish things up, a jar or homemade mint sauce is a must have on the dinner table when serving Lamb!

Lamb shanks

 Lamb Leg


Roast Beef

If you'd like to roast a beef joint for Easter, what we offer and recommend is the Chuck-eye Roll. It contains a nice amount of fat marbling which ensures a flavoursome and tender end result if cooked right. The cut is uniform meaning that it cooks evenly. The trick to cooking it perfectly is by using a meat thermometer. 

Tip 1: Before roasting it in the oven, sear (Fry on a very hot pan) the chuckroll and crisp up all the edges of it. This will give you a nice texture and caramelizes the meat, which will increase the flavour. 

Tip 2: To cook the meat perfectly, we suggest you cook it till Medium doneness. To achieve this, make use of a meat thermometer and check the internal temperature of the meat. Insert the meat thermometer and have the tip of the thermometer check the temperature of the center-most part of the meat (This is the location where the temperature is lowest). The temperature should read between 60°C and 62°C.

Tip 3: After the Chuckroll is done cooking and has reached the target temperature, do not cut into it immediately as you will lose a lot of the juices. Let the chuckroll rest for 5 - 10 minutes on a chopping board. You can loosely cover it with foil so that the chuckroll doesn't get cold. This will give the meat time to relax after cooking which will help the meat become even more tender. 

Be warned that the Chuckroll does contain a bit of fat, similar to Ribeye, so if you are not a fan of fat, then you can ask us to give you an alternative Beef joint.

Chuck Roll roast beef
Roast Pork

Roast pork is a favourite among the Maltese. If you'd like to have roast pork for your Easter lunch, you have quite a wide variety to chose from, Pork with Bone and skin, or else boneless and skinless. The options are as follows. Shoulder, Leg, Pork Loin, Frenched Rack of Pork, Boneless Collar. 

Bone-in Skin-on Shoulder : The shoulder is perfect for slow roasting. The skin will keep the shoulder moist and also protect the meat from direct heat at the same time. It can also be turned into delicious crackling. 

Pork Leg : This is very similar to the shoulder, but some people prefer it because of the lesser fat content. Needs low heat and slow roasting for tenderness to be achieved.

Boneless Pork Loin : The pork loin has little to no fat and is very easy to cut and serve as all the portions will be equal. Because of the low fat content, it requires basting while cooking, liquid stock in the dish and cover with foil. Again as with all pork, the trick is low heat and longer cooking time. 

Boneless Pork Collar : Very similar to the pork loin in shape, except it has a higher fat content. The fat achieves more flavour and it becomes juicy. Again, slow roasting.

Frenched Rack : The Frenched Pork Rack can be ordered from us and we will prepare it for you for your special occasion. The Frenched rack is made with the pork loin from next to the collar. It will look very nice presentation-wise and will be delicious all the same.

Frenched Pork Rack


Stuffed Pork and Stuffed Capon

Another very popular pick from our clients is a boneless stuffed roll. We debone and stuff either a Pork Shoulder or Collar and we also stuff Capon's. A Capon is a bigger sized chicken that is more flavoursome. This is very easy to cook, cut and serve. Its important to let it cool so that the meat has time to set and doesn't fall apart when cutting it. 

We offer 3 different stuffings for these rolls
Classic : Minced Pork, Local Ham, Garlic, Onion, Parsley Salt And Pepper.
Maltese : Minced Pork, Local Ham, Maltese Sausage, Hard Boiled Egg, Garlic Onion, Salt and Pepper.
Cranberries & Walnuts : Minced Pork, Local Ham, Garlic, Onion, Dried Cranberries, Crushed Walnuts, Parsley, Salt and Pepper.

Stuffed boneless capon 

Stuffed pork

Feel free to call us, message or come over in our shop if you'd like further assistance or if you have any questions. You can make your order online or in our store. 

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