Garretta (Beef For Soup - Laham tal Brodu)

Garretta (Beef For Soup - Laham tal Brodu)

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We pick the best available cut of beef for soup for you. Mainly this cut is the Heel Muscle (Garretta). Garretta will make a delicious Brodu tac canga!

The ultimate trick in having super tender meat in your Brodu / Soup is the following.

- Add the beef to the pot before you switch on the heat.
- Bring the pot to a gentle boil, as soon as it starts boiling, immediately lower the heat all the way and place the pot on the lowest heat. (It is very important not to let the pot boil for more than 1 minute, as boiling the meat will make the meat chewy and tough.
- Let it simmer for a minimum of 3 Hours. The Longer the better, restaurants normally let soups simmer for 12 to 24 Hours, but 3-5 Hours is more than enough for home cooking.

The Slow, Simmering will result into a very flavorsome soup, and tender beef.